Keep It Shut

I’ve been participating in a 6 week online Bible study through Proverbs 31 Ministries.  They are doing some amazing things, so if you aren’t familiar with them, check this out! 

The book is called Keep It Shut and it’s written by Karen Ehman.  I love her writing and I love what she has to say.  If we are all real honest, this whole “Keep It Shut” idea is something we need to be told over and over and over.  Especially us girls and our forever running mouths.

Ever dealt with the curse of being a people pleaser?  Yes, I say curse because I’m not sure this “quality” has done much good for me in my personal or professional life.  Are you constantly concerned with how others view you?  What did they really mean by that?  Am I good enough?  Did I say that correctly?  I shouldn’t have said that, right?  These questions haunt me daily.

“When the person we talk to most is our Heavenly Father, we naturally become more concerned with what He thinks of our words and actions than what others think of them.” 

Wow.  That is so freeing.  So liberating for us people pleasers.  Can you imagine a life where the only opinions that matter are those of your Heavenly Father?  No more focus on what other’s think.  No more beating yourself up over something you said or didn’t say.  Guess what?  That life is available to us.  If your focus is consistently on God, what comes out of your mouth will be a direct reflection of what’s in your heart.  And If your heart is right, the opinions of others are just that.  Opinions.  And we can stand strong in the knowledge that our words are validated by Him.

The only way we can achieve this is by making daily prayer a priority and ridding our lives of things that tarnish our heart.  Are you listening to or participating in gossip at work?  Church?  At home?  Are you reading a steamy love novel or watching a movie that’s clouding your thoughts about your spouse?  The negative daily activities matter.  A lot.  Even when they seem innocent.  These things creep in our minds and in our hearts.  And when our hearts aren’t focused on God, our whole world sees it so easily by listening to our words.

Going along with the “Keep It Shut” concept, prayer isn’t all talk.  God wants us to listen.  You can journal, listen to praise and worship, read your Bible, sit in silence.  It doesn’t matter what you do, just know that God is here and He wants to be a part of your every minute.  Will you let Him be the only opinion that matters?  Or will your focus continue to be on others?  Remember, your words are a direct reflection of your heart.  What are your words reflecting?

Do It:
Let’s make a commitment to listen more and talk less in our prayer life.  Start a journal and jot down what He does with your words and thoughts.

James 1:19 My dear brothers and sisters, take not of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.


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