Social Media Chat


Social media can be scary.  Am I right? I want to share some information with you that will allow you to be aware and take control.

A parent recently shared a post with me about dangerous apps. If you are aware of these apps (or others) make sure you know everything they encompass. There are tons and tons out there, so stay current! Most of our kids are not using Facebook.  😉

5 Dangerous Apps according to recent post on Fox News 

Is your child talking in code? Find out what it means and how to keep your child safe with this detailed post from USA TODAY.

Have you noticed the “Private” option when using Safari on your iPhone or iPad? Make sure you keep tabs on what option your students are using. Find out more information from TekRevue.

The most important thing to remember to do with social media is to talk to your child. Ask them what apps they use and what apps their friends use. What have they seen online that they like? What’s cool? What isn’t. What concerns them?

I strongly suggest following them on each site they use and conducting random technology checks. Students who know their parents are involved and “in the know” are less likely to be self destructive on social media.

We don’t have to be scared. We simply need to be educated. -M


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