Live. Love. Reach.

I’m having a hard time understanding why we are making this so complicated.  I have seen so much on social media over the weekend concerning big issues that people feel so strongly about that they are turning into crazy people.  I get that you are passionate about your beliefs and that’s awesome, but look at … More Live. Love. Reach.

Social Media Chat

Parents, Social media can be scary.  Am I right? I want to share some information with you that will allow you to be aware and take control. A parent recently shared a post with me about dangerous apps. If you are aware of these apps (or others) make sure you know everything they encompass. There … More Social Media Chat


My husband and I frequently discuss the hot topic of technology.  Our girls are 2.5 years and 10 months old, but we have already outlined their future technology rules and regulations.  Bless their hearts.  Their cell phones (or whatever device is concocted by then) will be out of their bedrooms by 9:00pm.  No technology at … More Gadgets